Support of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

We’re proud to be working with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on an initiative for the community and for children nationwide. The support for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia builds upon long-standing work by Philadelphia bottlers and the larger beverage industry to support nutrition education for children, strengthen communities and empower consumers.  Programs and initiatives like the ones our bottlers have spearheaded in Philadelphia have a meaningful impact on bettering the lives of people and strengthening the community. To view the latest progress report on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Healthy Weight Program, please click here

The Foundation’s support of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia focuses on the following areas: 

The Healthy Weight Program

The grant supports expansion of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Healthy Weight Program services into additional neighborhoods of Philadelphia and into new clinical areas with the goal of more than tripling the number of patient visits each year.  With new staff, an obesity research agenda, and education and training protocols for healthcare providers, services have expanded into The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network. 

Obesity Prevention and Policy Research

The expansion of research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute supports clinical studies that will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed literature.  The research is intended to spur evidence-based obesity prevention programs and make advancements to clinical guidelines and policies related to obesity that will improve care and help to secure insurance funding for obesity prevention and treatment. The program is designed to extend its reach nationally by sharing the learnings and best practices with children’s hospitals throughout the country. 

Community Outreach and Collaboration

It is the intention of the Healthy Weight Program and other Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia obesity initiatives and related research programs to collaborate with the City of Philadelphia’s Health Centers in an effort to increase the impact in the Philadelphia community.

Our Mission

The American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America seeks to make a significant contribution to the health of local communities by providing grants to support charitable programs at community organizations that work to advance both the physical health of their local citizens and the environmental health of their communities.